21 December 2007

Bkt Jalil @ 十分红演唱会

countdown 8hr 30mins~

16 December 2007

Playing fool~

The moment ::

Sue (director)…very famous one..
Julius (main actor) only show the back
Jasmine & Agnes (main actress) someone force me write one..(dun slap me..)

Got feel onot?? haha...this pic actually taken while queing to buy coffee in coffee bean~ Mr. Julius bz to order the coffee but the girls behind him were playing fool with his back...so funny~ Suddenly appear an idea to change the pic to the movie poster.. The result is coming out..not bad..haha..

Pavilion vs Star hill

Yea~ Christmas is coming soon. After finish the “delicious dinner” We were hanging around in Pavilion. So many nice christmas decorations all around the shopping mall. I love that kind of scene a lot. Took many pic while on the way of walking. We were walked from Pavilion to StarHill. Coffee Bean was the last station to let us take a rest and share the pics together.

Our thought on the day end “Oh, gosh..so fast the time had pass. I dont want to work on Monday.” (Working ppl's true feeling)..hahaha…

Few Post of our pics :

12 December 2007

PC FAIR @ 10 dec 07

Yea~ I had win a mug in Kingston's 20 Anniversary contest in PC Fair.. hehe.. Actually, I was going there to look for the RAM but end up with brought a thumb drive. My friend and I were attracted by the bear figure in the prizes list. We would like to try our luck so both of us brought a 2GB thumb drive and quickly went to the redeem booth to joined the contest~

In the end:
Julius – brought a set of speaker (Sonic Gear Evo3)..Wooh~
Sue – thumb drive with extra “Qee mug” (Kingston)..hehe
Agnes – thumb drive with extra “Kingston pen” (Kingston)..(pity , no luck)haha..

2 December 2007

SHE Live Concert @ KL nite~ S.H.E 移师城堡演唱会

无法形容的期待与兴奋~ 隆重登场

30 November 2007

b'day @ boss

3 big boss and collegues~ warm warm b'day celebration :p
Wanna share some life documentation here..i was pass the last 4 months in here. sweet guys and gals. I'm glad that i have join in this sweet and happy family.

19 August 2007

Packing off my own stuff and heading to CH!!! Part I

After some planning together, we're on our way to our first ever 3 days 2 nights Cameron highland trip. And we got a Mercedes van for RM200 per day.
Our trip starts off on a good note. Journey along the highway was smooth. And we decided to have 1 day's trip at Ipoh town before heading to CH. After putting our belongings and have a short rest in Ipoh's house, we managed to explore more interesting place in Ipoh town. We had bought some famous snacks and have a walk in Sam Poh Tong which located at Gunung Rapat that builds within a limestone cave. We found that a tortoise pond which houses hundred of tortoises of various sizes. Beside that, I also visited other temples around the cave. Unfortunately, I'm only remembering the Sam Poh Tong and forgot other temples name. XD

It's actually the most famous place to buy the snacks in Ipoh town.Many hong kong artists also came here to brought.

Sam Poh Tong

scene of the Sam Poh Tong

temple that located inside the cave

A shot of a cute gal feeding a tortoise. It's very cute!!

3 monkey's journey~

Onn Kee Restaurants “安記芽菜雞沙河粉” had been our first choice place to having our dinner with. OH My Godness!! the chicken meat was milk in my mouth.

One more thing that can't miss it out in Ipoh is the white coffee. So we decided to go out again to aim for a nice place to have our supper. Finally we reach at Xun Ling Café. Order a glass of white coffee is 100% for sure. Beside that, we also order some snacks and mee to eat. The aroma, taste & texture of the original thing are definitely superior compared to the commercially-packed sachets or the Ipoh White Coffee sold elsewhere.

Xun Ling Café

Ipoh White Coffee

cheese + ham inside the bread :: yummy XD

Yup, I almost forgot, before having our dinner we have had our lunch under a place called BIG TREE. It's really under a big tree. XD The Laksa mee there was delicious. I wonder is that all kind of food in Ipoh town is like that? So jealous of the Ipoh residents~

get pimp~

To be continue...

27 July 2007


Finally I have my news back from KLGraphic07 competition!!! I'm so happy, excited now. Just like high on cocaine. Guess what? I'm being the one of the top ten entries at the KLGraphic07 competition!!

This is the mail I had received:

Dear Wong Soo Ting,

Congratulations from all the team at KLGraphic.com! You are one of the top ten entries and that means you go through to the final round. During this round, you have until the 25th of August to submit an additional design.

Our priority here is to judge your ability to carry a design theme throughout the website, as well as your imaginative and practical ability to make a functioning and attractive ecommerce system.

Entries for Round 2 are by email to info@klgraphic.com and must be sent from the same email address as your Round 1 entry. You will be emailed back in confirmation within 24 hours of your submission.

Yours Sincerely,

KLGraphic 07 Judges Committee

And below is the result and the judgment:

Overall score: 74.44%


Accessibility: 8/10
Creativity/Originality: 6/10 (creative design which is carried forward throughout
Aesthetics/Quality: 6/10 (some elements really let down the design,especially the multi-coloured letters

Accessibility: 7/10 Creativity/Originality: 9/10 Aesthetics/Quality: 8/10

Accessibility: 7/10 Creativity/Originality: 8/10 Aesthetics/Quality: 8/10

26 July 2007

So unbelievable, I've met Phua Chu Kang at TAR College last Sat!!!!

This was a funny incident that I met with. Last sat was my best friend Julius's convocation day. As usual, my friends and I definitely will attend our big brother's BIG day.

Weather on that day was not very well; rain was starting to fall from 3pm to 4pm something. Crowd of people were trying to squeeze into the corridor of the hall. Gosh, the scene was like “mountain people mountain sea”. There was no more space to let people turn on their body. On that moment my mind suddenly appeared a thought "god, please don't rain on next sat coz my convo is held on that day, P_L_E_A_S_E!!"

After the photo session, we plan to have a drink at gobi café but unlucky one of my friend's car was break down in TARC car park. For no choice, 1 car was drove ahead to the café first and one more car was going to send a people back to TARC and fix the car.

While waiting the car to be fixed, my stomach was yelling. I'm so hungry that time coz I didn't take my lunch on that day. So, Kevin drove me to tbr to buy some food. That was the climax of the whole day passes. I met "Phua Chu Kang" in front of main entrance there!!!!!

No doubt, I still got take a shot video on him…

hehe…actually he not the Gurmit Singh..but I can said that he got 95% look like him.

14 June 2007

A story about best friend's Convo~

Cast and Crew ~
main actress : phei san
part time actor : julius, kelvin, phei san's family, phei san's friends
part time actress : sue, phei san's family,phei san's friends
thank to : CIMA CUP!!

11 June 2007

Launching Part II

Those are the part II for my hearder.My recently works.Enjoy it~

6 June 2007

Just follow Law

I'm feeling a bit outdated because of just finish watch this movie on last night. I'm not giving full attention when this movie release in theatre.I is so regret now. But nevermind I'm introduce the film at here so that who never watch it before please don't miss the second chance. The film actually takes a satirical look at the inflexibility of outdated governmental rules and regulations and the rigid mindsets of civil servants who follow rules to a fault, charming and delighting audiences with its humorous and perceptive insights. I'll put the synopsis below so that you can have a look on the storyline.

About the film:
Lim Teng Zui is the subordinate of Tanya Chew who holds a high-ranking position in a government statutory board. Tanya doesn't have high EQ and unintentionally offends two 'Old Guards' Eric and Chee Hong, who have been working in there for many years.During a VIP visit, due to Zui's incompetence and poor work ethics, the Minister sustains a fall. As per the usual practice in such government bodies, an investigation is carried out to find a scapegoat. Upper Management does the usual 'finger-pointing' and finally it is the lowly Lim Teng Zui, who shoulders the blame alone.

Infuriated, Lim Teng Zui confronts Tanya. Their clash escalates into a car chase and an accident results. Both of them exchange souls.After the exchange, both of them try ways and means of getting their souls back but nothing works. After many mishaps, they are forced to accept the fact that they cannot get their own bodies back and start to adjust to living in the bodies they find themselves in. Only after they experience life in each other's bodies do they each finally see what they've been blinded to for years, including the fact that Tanya has neglected her mother. They each also appreciate the different difficulties experienced by both the boss and the subordinate.After taking on Tanya's job, Lim Teng Zui persists in breaking the rules and lands himself in a lot of trouble, he faces punishment and has to recompense for his mistakes.

Eric and Chee Hong, still bearing a grudge against Tanya, sabotage her Event and Promotion (E&P) department. To retaliate against them and to save the department from closure, a repentant Lim Teng Zui inspires the whole department to unite and work together, under Tanya's guidance, to put on a large-scale Job Fair Exhibition, so that they might change the fate of the E&P department.


Finally my blog can be launch! I'm so excited now. I'm design few of the header and now I hope you all can give me some opinion about the design. The most famous one will be display at there. NOW, is time to you all giving me the comments!! Vote vote vote~ :p
to be continue.....