27 July 2007


Finally I have my news back from KLGraphic07 competition!!! I'm so happy, excited now. Just like high on cocaine. Guess what? I'm being the one of the top ten entries at the KLGraphic07 competition!!

This is the mail I had received:

Dear Wong Soo Ting,

Congratulations from all the team at KLGraphic.com! You are one of the top ten entries and that means you go through to the final round. During this round, you have until the 25th of August to submit an additional design.

Our priority here is to judge your ability to carry a design theme throughout the website, as well as your imaginative and practical ability to make a functioning and attractive ecommerce system.

Entries for Round 2 are by email to info@klgraphic.com and must be sent from the same email address as your Round 1 entry. You will be emailed back in confirmation within 24 hours of your submission.

Yours Sincerely,

KLGraphic 07 Judges Committee

And below is the result and the judgment:

Overall score: 74.44%


Accessibility: 8/10
Creativity/Originality: 6/10 (creative design which is carried forward throughout
Aesthetics/Quality: 6/10 (some elements really let down the design,especially the multi-coloured letters

Accessibility: 7/10 Creativity/Originality: 9/10 Aesthetics/Quality: 8/10

Accessibility: 7/10 Creativity/Originality: 8/10 Aesthetics/Quality: 8/10

26 July 2007

So unbelievable, I've met Phua Chu Kang at TAR College last Sat!!!!

This was a funny incident that I met with. Last sat was my best friend Julius's convocation day. As usual, my friends and I definitely will attend our big brother's BIG day.

Weather on that day was not very well; rain was starting to fall from 3pm to 4pm something. Crowd of people were trying to squeeze into the corridor of the hall. Gosh, the scene was like “mountain people mountain sea”. There was no more space to let people turn on their body. On that moment my mind suddenly appeared a thought "god, please don't rain on next sat coz my convo is held on that day, P_L_E_A_S_E!!"

After the photo session, we plan to have a drink at gobi café but unlucky one of my friend's car was break down in TARC car park. For no choice, 1 car was drove ahead to the café first and one more car was going to send a people back to TARC and fix the car.

While waiting the car to be fixed, my stomach was yelling. I'm so hungry that time coz I didn't take my lunch on that day. So, Kevin drove me to tbr to buy some food. That was the climax of the whole day passes. I met "Phua Chu Kang" in front of main entrance there!!!!!

No doubt, I still got take a shot video on him…

hehe…actually he not the Gurmit Singh..but I can said that he got 95% look like him.