19 August 2007

Packing off my own stuff and heading to CH!!! Part I

After some planning together, we're on our way to our first ever 3 days 2 nights Cameron highland trip. And we got a Mercedes van for RM200 per day.
Our trip starts off on a good note. Journey along the highway was smooth. And we decided to have 1 day's trip at Ipoh town before heading to CH. After putting our belongings and have a short rest in Ipoh's house, we managed to explore more interesting place in Ipoh town. We had bought some famous snacks and have a walk in Sam Poh Tong which located at Gunung Rapat that builds within a limestone cave. We found that a tortoise pond which houses hundred of tortoises of various sizes. Beside that, I also visited other temples around the cave. Unfortunately, I'm only remembering the Sam Poh Tong and forgot other temples name. XD

It's actually the most famous place to buy the snacks in Ipoh town.Many hong kong artists also came here to brought.

Sam Poh Tong

scene of the Sam Poh Tong

temple that located inside the cave

A shot of a cute gal feeding a tortoise. It's very cute!!

3 monkey's journey~

Onn Kee Restaurants “安記芽菜雞沙河粉” had been our first choice place to having our dinner with. OH My Godness!! the chicken meat was milk in my mouth.

One more thing that can't miss it out in Ipoh is the white coffee. So we decided to go out again to aim for a nice place to have our supper. Finally we reach at Xun Ling Café. Order a glass of white coffee is 100% for sure. Beside that, we also order some snacks and mee to eat. The aroma, taste & texture of the original thing are definitely superior compared to the commercially-packed sachets or the Ipoh White Coffee sold elsewhere.

Xun Ling Café

Ipoh White Coffee

cheese + ham inside the bread :: yummy XD

Yup, I almost forgot, before having our dinner we have had our lunch under a place called BIG TREE. It's really under a big tree. XD The Laksa mee there was delicious. I wonder is that all kind of food in Ipoh town is like that? So jealous of the Ipoh residents~

get pimp~

To be continue...