21 December 2007

Bkt Jalil @ 十分红演唱会

countdown 8hr 30mins~

16 December 2007

Playing fool~

The moment ::

Sue (director)…very famous one..
Julius (main actor) only show the back
Jasmine & Agnes (main actress) someone force me write one..(dun slap me..)

Got feel onot?? haha...this pic actually taken while queing to buy coffee in coffee bean~ Mr. Julius bz to order the coffee but the girls behind him were playing fool with his back...so funny~ Suddenly appear an idea to change the pic to the movie poster.. The result is coming out..not bad..haha..

Pavilion vs Star hill

Yea~ Christmas is coming soon. After finish the “delicious dinner” We were hanging around in Pavilion. So many nice christmas decorations all around the shopping mall. I love that kind of scene a lot. Took many pic while on the way of walking. We were walked from Pavilion to StarHill. Coffee Bean was the last station to let us take a rest and share the pics together.

Our thought on the day end “Oh, gosh..so fast the time had pass. I dont want to work on Monday.” (Working ppl's true feeling)..hahaha…

Few Post of our pics :

12 December 2007

PC FAIR @ 10 dec 07

Yea~ I had win a mug in Kingston's 20 Anniversary contest in PC Fair.. hehe.. Actually, I was going there to look for the RAM but end up with brought a thumb drive. My friend and I were attracted by the bear figure in the prizes list. We would like to try our luck so both of us brought a 2GB thumb drive and quickly went to the redeem booth to joined the contest~

In the end:
Julius – brought a set of speaker (Sonic Gear Evo3)..Wooh~
Sue – thumb drive with extra “Qee mug” (Kingston)..hehe
Agnes – thumb drive with extra “Kingston pen” (Kingston)..(pity , no luck)haha..

2 December 2007

SHE Live Concert @ KL nite~ S.H.E 移师城堡演唱会

无法形容的期待与兴奋~ 隆重登场